Company History

Company EBS was established in 1989. The same year EBS opened its first production plant which was located in Warsaw. At the beginning company specialised in manufacturing and selling car security devices. Achieved profits was invested in purchase of specialist production line.

In 1995 company EBS opened new, professional production plant located in Łomża. New factory was equipped with modern devices for surface assembly. Thanks to this investment EBS was eble to expand range of products with sirens and accessories for home security.

In 1998 company EBS started to export its products. At the beginning goods was exported mainly to the markets of Eastern Europe and then, gradually to other markets. Nowadays EBS serves clients from Western Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America and Australia.

In 1999 company EBS expanded range of goods with high technology devices - transmitters based on GSM technology and Ethernet transmitters.

Next stage of EBS development was opening a new premises in Warsaw. Since 2000 office and Construction Department of EBS are situated there.

As a result of fast development, in 2003 EBS made a decision to relocate it's production plant. It was moved from Łomża to Ełk where plant was located in special economic zone.

Constant development and investments allowed company EBS to occupy place among leaders manufacturing devices for security. The proof of this fact was introducing to the market in the middle of 2006, innovative system called Active Guard that makes it possible to monitor the time, place and results of the work of personnel in real time, thanks to the use of a GPRS-based data transmission technology. Active Guard system was presented to the public during Trade Show IFSEC 2006 in Birmingham. Beginning from that moment EBS has changed its business profile and main direction of EBS development are telemetry and GSM technology in security.

Next stages of EBS development on international markets fructified with gaining strong partners from Asia, Australia, South Africa and Middle East. Production plant was equipped with new production line adjusted to manufacture of telemetric devices i.e. Active Guard and GSM transmitters. In 2007 company EBS started also to manufacture transmitters dedicated to untypical solutions like vending machines control or energy consumption measurement.

In 2008 company EBS concentrated on develepment of devices based on data transfer through GSM networks. GSM transmitters offered by EBS was extended with extra functions like remote configuration and firmware upgrade, encryption of transmitted data by AES standard, system event history, sent text messages quantity control and much more.

Next year brought further development of GSM transmitters and IP transmitters manufactured by EBS. Company introduced to the market new devices, equipped with new functions like device LX20-1EV dedicated for banking, transmitters LX20G equipped with GSM gate or advanced IP transmitter enabling remote configuration and firmware upgrade. Company EBS also started to develope new products based on GPS technology - EBS Tracking System and personal GPS.

EBS has started 2010 with introducing new generation of the first in the world real time guard tour system - Active Guard II. New devices have better processors and are equipped with many new, highly serviceable functions. All up-to-date information regarding EBS activity you can find on the website in section News. You can also meet us on the biggest security event - IFSEC 2010 taking place in Birmingham between 10th and 13th May. Please be invited to visit our stand - hall 4, stand number B90.

A very intense year for the company EBS – its began with participating in the international trade fair in Dubai. New opportunities, expand their horizons, new partners in the Gulf Region. Subsequent trips to Moldova, Turkey, and Hungary. Booth at the fair in Mexico and finally participation in Europe's largest trade fair in the security industry IFSEC 2011 in Birmingham. EBS has presented new, already 3rd version of Active Guard. Through collaboration with HADATAP company, specializing in the implementation of RFID systems, EBS increased its offer with specialized solutions for RFID technology.

More new products - the company decided to add a transmitter on the control panel CPX200N, fully compatible, simple and inexpensive. It is another product developed in response to customer needs. At IFSEC in the UK EBS has presented Personal GPS - Active Track, resistant to attempts to destroy, with an extremely durable battery.

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