The innovative way of technologies used in the design and production processes as well as well-qualified team of engineers guarantee the highest quality of launched products. Constant supervision over quality and using components of top-quality parameters is the guarantee the top-quality standards are followed.

The highest quality of products and meeting our clients' needs and expectations is the basic principle of EBS business activity and the company's policy. Fist and foremost we care for continuous raising the quality of products and services and we do it at every stage, beginning from the design, through assembly and service-related tasks.

The proof of such defined EBS policy is the quality management system within the scope of design, sales, integration and services of electronic devices and systems. Each client has a guarantee that services provided by us are of top quality and the client's requirements are well-recognized and met.

Certificates, attestations

EBS products are compliant with standards and legal regulations what is proved by certificates of compliance issued by Zakład Rozwoju Technicznej Ochrony Mienia „TECHOM", Instytut Telekomunikacji and other institutions. Tests and certificates can be used to prove compliance with standards or other documents and constitute a guarantee of high performance quality. If requested by the Client, Declaration of Conformity of the products offered by EBS can be provided.

Some products have also special certificates required by different markets. On request, we are able to get certificate, or customize the product to a requirements on locally market.

Each product has a CE sign which EBS declaration that the labeled product complies with European Union directives. These directives apply to issues related to product safety, health and environmental protection, determine the risks that the manufacturer should be detected and eliminated.

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