IFSEC 2011

IFSEC fair once again proved to be a great success for EBS company. Exhibition, that took place on 16-19th of May 2011 in Birmingham in UK, proved to be an opportunity to meet current and future potential clients.

The fruitful business meetings, presentations of new products have brought new clients and opened new markets.

Our booth attracted many visitors interested in the presented systems and products:

BANKING SYSTEM - remote opening and closing the door, product dedicated especially to the banks;
GD30.2, GSM autodialer, in new version presented with more inputs and ability to connect via GPRS to the monitoring station;
GD40 - modern design, high technology - a product which was presented as a prototype of new version GD30 EBS;
Active Guard III - The new version of the well-known device - GSM/GPRS/SMS Real time Guard Tour System and RFID Asset Tracking / RTLS - system that is used to track and identify the location of objects. The system quickly identifies if the given person is authorized to enter premises with a particular object, which is identified in the system. If the authorization is not confirmed, the system sends silent or audible alarm signal.
The RTLS/RFID Asset Tracking system is dedicated for museums (protection of works of art), retail stores (inventory), banks (cash processing), libraries (files and books monitoring) and other facilities. Integrated portal reader is perfect for monitoring tagged items, pallets, equipment, files or people passing through doorways, hallways and other zonal coverage areas.

A lot of live - presentations made our stand to be "alive" and attracted the attention of visitors from over 60 countries from all the world, e.g. Egypt, Israel, Iran, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Laos, Morocco, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, Canada, the United States of America, the United Arab Emirates and many others.

We presented also a wide range of GPRS and IP transmitters. You could also have seen on our booth a COLT20.10 - GSM/SMS/GPRS home and industrial controller, use in remote managing of e.g. lighting, heating, home and garden automation, security.

We would like to thank all guests for visiting our booth and invite for further meetings during next trade events.

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