GSM/GPRS/SMS Autodialer GD30.3

GSM Autodialer GD30.3 is a smart device intended for those who want to protect their facilities and receive information about alarm situations. If you want to save costs and do not require constant supervision by the security agency, it is a perfect solution.

But if you feel more secure using a monitoring station or security agency, the new version of GD30 is able to transmit signal via GPRS.


The device is a combination of an alarm control panel and a GSM dialer with an attached loudspeaker, microphone, display and keyboard.

The loudspeaker and microphone allow the device to record short voice messages. Three voice messages with the total duration of max 60s may be recorded.

The device has eight inputs to notify of alarm situations and two different voice messages can be assigned to them. The third message may concern the events that occur in the device itself, such as cover open, no supply, low battery, etc.

With the GSM dialer, the device may select the previously saved telephone number when the alarm signal occurs and, upon the establishment of connection, it plays back the voice message assigned to the specific alarm signal. In order to make sure that the message has been listened to, the device requires the confirmation by pressing the relevant button on the telephone keyboard.

In addition to the establishment of voice connections, the device can also send SMSs with any content to mobile telephone numbers.

GD30 allows saving up to 9 telephone numbers with which voice connections can be established (and SMSs can be sent). The device configuration can be made by using the built-in keyboard and display, and remotely via SMS or CSD.

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