Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the purpose of using Active Guard and where it can be applied?

Active Guard is a device that combines 3 major functions: RFID tag reader, anti-robbery remote and a GSM handset. It is used to read RFID points spread over an area and transmit acquired information along with the time stamps. Data transmission takes place in real time via GSM network through GPRS or SMS channel. The device also includes PANIC and voice communication features.

Broad range of possible applications is described in the Products/Active Guard/Usage bookmark. It is used primarily for patrol duties both motorized and on foot as well as an employee monitoring tool for cleaning services companies.

Q: How are Active Guard recorder data transmitted?

Data from the recorders are transmitted via GSM network using GPRS transmission or SMS channel. In case of GPRS connectivity issues, the user decides which channel should be used to send any event based on prior configuration. Users can also apply priorities in order to change the order of the sending queue.

Q: What other components are needed by Active Guard system to work, apart from the recorder?

To begin working with Active Guard, you will need a computer with installed Windows operating system (XP, 7, Server 2003, Server 2008) as well as Internet access with a static public IP address and an open port on the firewall to receive events from OSM.2007. In order to fully utilize the system (SMS notifications as an additional transmission channel, voice calls with the device) you will also need a GSM modem connected to that computer. The SIM card in that device should support GPRS transmission protocol with a data plan allowance of approximately 10MB per month.

Q: What are the components of the Active Guard system?

The system consists of:
1. Active Guard device / devices
2. RFID tags operating at 125 kHz frequency
3. Circuit board and programming cables sold in a AGP3 kit
4. Software:
- Konfigurator (available on the website after client-login)
- OSM.2007, server receiving signals/events from devices (available on the website after client-login)
- End-user application

Q: What kind of end-user software is compatible with Active Guard and where to get it?

There are multiple applications available, which can work with our device. Many of our customers develop custom applications. The following applications are currently available on the market:



Vendor Website








PL, EN, ES, RU, PT other, possible extension of the language versions







Kronos NET




















Tagtronics Patrol Live





GuardTek - Alpha System

France, USA




Oryx Systems South Africa















Q: Is the software bundled with the recorder?

Yes, we recommend Active View with the certain fee-free period of usage.

Q: How many users can work with the application?

The application works in a multi-user environment, therefore multiple users can work with it simultaneously – up to three in the data edition mode and up to 10 in the alarm monitoring mode.

Q: What are the possible methods to configure Active Guard?

1. Locally by a direct cable connection and use of “Konfigurator nadajników GPRS” (GPRS BTS Configurator) software
3. Remotly using an SMS message
4. Remotly using Configurator through TCP/IP connection

Q: What kind of external modem is needed and why?

Fastrack modem is needed when we want to use the option, to configure the recorders directly through the application. OSM.2007 is compatible with the following kinds of GSM modems:
- Wavecom Fastrack Xtend
- Wavecom Fastrack Supreme
- Wavecom Fastrack M1306
- Siemens (Cinterion) TC65
- others, after prior compatibility testing

It allows to communicate with the devices using SMS messages directly from the end-user application.

Q: What is included in the recorder package?

The box includes a recorder, charger, key to the battery cover and two RFID tags (TAG 30mm). In addition, the AGP3 configuration set needs to be purchased separately.

Q: What alarm panels (PCU) can be configured through LX20G-3C transmitter?

It is possible to program any alarm panel equipped with a modem dialer Bell103/V.21 300bps. Successful test were conducted on the following alarm panels so far:

- Napco Gemini P1632
- Paradox Evo 48, Esprit 728 ULTRA
- Satel CA-10
- Satel CA-5
- Satel Versa5
- Satel Integra24

- DSC PC1616
- DSC PC4020
- Crow Runner 4
- Pyronix Matrix 6
- Pyronix Matrix 424
- Risco GTi (WISDOM 3)

- GE NX-8
- GE NX-4
- IDS X64
- Texecom Premier 816
- UTC ATS1000A, ATS2109H

Q: Does the signal transmitted by Active Guard/data transmitters through GPRS channel is encrypted?

Yes, data that is being sent from the device to the server has guaranteed security and confidentially due to the use of an strong encryption algorithm AES (Advanced Encryption System). Due to the fact that the transmission is based on telecom operator (GSM) network, the device uses all the security mechanism offered by the operator for typical handset users. If you would like to increase system security even further, ask your telecom operator for a private APN. OSM.2007 receiver is designed to decrypt signals sent by EBS devices.

Q: What is an OSM.2007?

OSM.2007 is a receiver server, getting data from all EBS devices. OSM decrypts data transmitted through various channels (GSM-GPRS, GSM-SMS, Internet) creating an interface between data transmission devices and monitoring station software (end-user application). OSM.2007 can be deployed as a hardware version or an application on Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems.

Q: Is there a limit on how many computers have OSM.2007 application installed?

OSM.2007 application can be installed on multiple computers. Unlimited OSM licence is deployed whenever devices require that kind of capability.

Q: How to achieve redundancy in the software version of OSM.2007?

OSM.2007 solution should forward received events data from equipment to multiple application end-users.

Q: What level of technical support can I expect when buying EBS products?

EBS provides 12 month warranty on all their devices. However, to maintain brand image and high quality of equipment, EBS is monitoring and trying to resolve all the issues that the clients submit even those not caused be the producer directly or after the warranty period expired. All the comments and remarks allow us to improve our devices.

Q: Where are EBS products manufactured?

Manufacturing and assembly of all EBS equipment is done in Poland, UE.


All of the above mentioned acronyms are cables allowing to locally program and configure the devices:
LX-PROG Cable used to locally configure the transmitter via RS232 port.
LX-DATA Cable used to monitor device status, conduct operational and debug process tests. It allows to connect the transmitter to external devices through a serial interface (RS232).
AGP3 Configuration, monitoring, testing and debugging kit for Active Guard devices. The kit includes a CD and two cables (LX-DATA and LX-PROG).
GD-PROG Cable used to configure, read history and monitor device status in autodialer devices such as GD30, GD30.2, LX2N transmitter and alarm panel integrated with CPX200 transmitter.

Q: What are the potential applications of data transmitters manufactured by EBS?

The primary function of the EBS data transmitter is the transmission of test signals and data regarding events logged by connected sensors. EBS has experience in conducting projects for various industries using data transmitters:
- Remote electricity meter reading
- Energys System – theft and damage protection of devices such as medium/low voltage transformers
- Banking systems: LX20-2EV complex system working redundantly, transmitting data simultaneously through two channels: GSM and Ethernet
- ATM protection
- Bank vault lock system EX20-2PV
- Elevator communication systems
- OEM project for emergency service - PX100N-1N with a GSM gateway and possibility to send predefined SMS messages to multiple recipients
- OEM project to monitor low-prize slot machines

Q: Why Active Guard is the best device available on the market?

Active Guard is the first device of it’s kind available on the market. Seven years of experience in manufacturing, support services and direct work with our customers has resulted in the third version of the device that is even more reliable and secure. We change AG according to customers’ suggestions, therefore it is characterized by a number of features that are not present in competitors’ solutions:

- Damage-resistant and waterproof case
- MAN-DOWN functionality
- Tilt control
- Microwaves sensor
- Up to 24h of battery life
- Technical support before and after the purchase

Q: Why is Active Guard casing so durable?

In the development of Active Guard 3.0 we put an emphasis on the strength and durability of the casing. The case for personal GPS device Active Track has been done using the same principles:
- Additional seals to increase resistance to moisture and flooding
- Dampers absorbing shocks
- Additional screws in the battery cover and case to stiffen the casing
- Additional protection of the internal circuit board

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