LX20G transmitters are modern microprocessor devices for real time data transmission which can simulate a telephone line (PSTN) with transmission on a GSM voice channel. In case of telephone line (PSTN) failure or after dialing specific prefix number, devices establish voice connection with monitoring station and enable data transmission using Contact ID (DTMF) or SIA (FSK). Also available are other transmission channels - GPRS and SMS.

LX20G transmitters supply highest data transmission safety using four transmission channels : PSTN / GSM / VOICE / GPRS / SMS. Devices are used mainly as the transfer module from security system using PSTN and GSM voice channels. LX20G transmitters co-operate with all of the most popular alarm systems. Additional usage of the packet data transfer (GPRS) allows to reduce the alarm system functioning costs.

LX20G transmitters are offered independently or in sets with metal casing, AC adapter and accumulator. In addition we also offer OSM.2007 Monitoring System Receiver - a program, which enables to receive data sent by transmitters over GPRS and SMS channels.

Simulation a telephone line (PSTN) on a GSM channel
additional transmission channel increasing data transmission reliability

Communication in GSM voice channel
easy integration with the existing monitoring station infrastructure (MLR2 receivers - ContactID, SIA)

Remote configuration and firmware upgrade
comfortable servicing and time savings

Encryption of transmitted data by AES standard
full data transfer safety

Sending of text messages of any desired content to the 5 defined cellphone numbers
immediate signification of the alarm situations occurrence

Phone input compatible with DTMF standard (ContactID, Ademco Express)
cooperation with alarm control panels equipped with a dialer

System event history
evidence up to 5000 events enabling to diagnose of possible problems

Device status monitor
diagnostic mode for the instalator

Authorization for configuration and steering text messages
protection against unauthorized device access

GSM/GPRS connection control
automatic retrieving of the connection with the monitoring station

Sent text messages quantity control, incoming messages retransmission
supervision over transmission costs

Embedded row interface RS232/RS485
co-operation with industrial devices

Steering via CLIP
costless output connection

Reserve server servicing
transmission protection in case of a server damage

Modem choice between three leading manufacturers
adapting the device to the individual preferences

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